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Why ADHD is Misunderstood!!!


My son is one of nearly 10% of children who suffer with ADHD. That’s a lot of kids. And yet still ADHD is misunderstood.

We hear a huge amount about Autism and Autism awareness. And I campaign constantly for it. But there needs to be enormous progress made in the global understanding of ADHD.


What happened recently!!!


Recently I went to a meeting at my son’s school to fill in an application for extra funding for him. In the meeting was the special needs coordinator at the school, who is a fantastic lady. Also there was a lady from the education department who was there to give her advice and assistance for filling in the form.

Whilst there I happened to make a comment to them about how appalling it is that here in Victoria a child can’t get extra funding or assistance in school for ADHD.

My son can get funding due to his intellectual disability but ADHD alone will not be enough to get funding.

The reply I received to my comment from the lady from the education department completely gobsmacked me.

I was truly shocked.

This is what she said:

Well ADHD doesn’t get funding because it’s only a social, emotional disorder.


Did i really hear that right???

I’m not sure what is more worrying, the fact that a professional from the education department believes that. Or the fact that she has clearly been taught this by her superiors, so i can only assume that she is voicing an overall opinion by the education department.


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Now, I know that ADHD awareness is very poor. And I know that a lot of the general public believe that ADHD is a social disorder not a neuro-biological one.

But I just can’t believe that professionals within the education department think this.

How is ADHD awareness supposed to improve within the public if even the professionals have such a complete misunderstanding of it.

So, lets be clear.


adhd is not a social disorder.


ADHD is a neurobiological disorder caused predominantly by genetics. And can also be caused by the use of recreational drugs, alcohol or tobacco during pregnancy as well as exposure as babies or toddlers to certain chemicals, such as lead based paint.


adhd is misunderstood


It is NOT caused by up bringing or social environmental factors. As so many people believe.

The problem is that ADHD is over-diagnosed, mis-diagnosed and yet also under-diagnosed.

Dr David Soussa a scientist, author and expert in ADHD has many times complained about this mis-diagnosis.


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It’s believed that up to 85% of people in the world suffering with ADHD remain un-diagnosed. Yet, we’ve all heard of cases where a child has a behavioural problem and are almost dismissively shrugged off with an inaccurate diagnosis of ADHD.

It is this constant mis-diagnosis that leads to such a widespread misunderstanding.

But with such a massive proportion of people having ADHD throughout the world it is time that more awareness be created.

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