What causes Autism


Have you ever wondered what causes Autism?


If your child has Autism, have you ever wondered if you could have done something differently to prevent it?

In this short video, expert geneticist Wendy Chung tells us exactly what can cause Autism and she dispels many myths that have been spread about autism causes over the years.

I regularly hear so much rubbish about what causes Autism. I also hear many things that are true, but people just don’t have the full picture.

So, I published this article so that people would get a clearer understanding.

It is really important to understand that there are many rumours that circulate about Autism, that simply aren’t true.

Probably the biggest of these is that vaccines cause Autism. They do not.


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The most common cause of Autism is genetics. It is simply in their genes. And there is nothing, you as a parent could have done about that.

That we know of, there are 200 to 400 Genes that can cause Autism. Not just 1, which explains why Autism can vary so greatly from one person to another.

Another known cause of Autism is advanced paternal age, That is the age of the father, not the mother.

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This doesn’t mean that all older fathers will have children with Autism, but that it is possible.

We also know that there is a risk associated with certain medicines and pollutants if consumed during pregnancy. Such as; Valproic acid, which is an epilepsy medication. Research has shown that when taken during pregnancy, this can attribute to the risk of the child having Autism.

But again, this doesn’t mean that every pregnant woman who takes Valproic acid will have a child with Autism, it just means that there is a greater risk.


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One thing that is not understood about Autism, is why there are approximately 4 x as many boys with Autism as there are girls. But hopefully with continued research, more understanding will be gained.

Autism awareness and understanding is so important. It is vital that we gain as much knowledge and understanding and that people understand what causes Autism, and most importantly, what doesn’t.

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