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Teacher and carer training is a highly important aspect of my job. And it is something I am highly passionate about.

Teachers, teachers aides, or other carers or individuals working with or around children with special needs, are often massively under trained. This can lead to children not getting what they should from those caring for them.

This is rarely the fault of the teacher or carer, unfortunately it is simply a consequence of not enough training.

Many teachers, aides and carers that I speak to, are desperate to learn more and to be able to offer the best possible care for the children they work with.

I am absolutely delighted when I can spend time with a teacher or carer, or indeed a group of teachers or carers. And help their knowledge and understanding grow.

I work with teachers, aides and carers both on a one to one basis up to an entire school staff training.

Teachers and carers having the right knowledge on how to deal with situations they may often find themselves in, as well as the understanding of how to get the best from a child with a special need or learning difficulty, not only makes a huge difference to the child’s life and future. But also has an enormous effect on the other children in the class.

When a teacher, aide or carer understands how to effectively help and work with a child, their entire classroom time becomes more effective.

I operate in Melbourne, Australia. Consequently I am only able to do in person training around Victoria, Australia. However, I am able to run training sessions via Skype or video link to those in other parts of the world.

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