My Special Child

My Special Child, special needs events are on their way

For parents of children with special needs and learning difficulties

What type of events are up to you! Click on the poll below to tell me which type of events you would most like to see come to your local town or city.

When I originally built this website, I started by having an events section where I listed events that were out there for parents of children with special needs.

The problem was, that there were hardly any events to list.

Sure, there was the occasional fundraiser, but that was about it.

Then I started getting emails from people asking if I knew of any events that would help parents of children with special needs.

So I started doing my research. Trawling the internet in search of things like, parent workshops, seminars, meet up groups, educational support, family bonding retreats. 

I have to say, I was really shocked at how little there actually is out there.


So after a great deal of thought, I have decided to start up My Special Child events

special needs eventsI think it’s time that parents of children with special needs had events for them. Events that help them with their day to day life. And help them to be able to make life a little bit better for them and their child.

I am really pleased to announce that the very first event will be a parent workshop on how to reduce negative symptoms of special needs.

The first workshop will be held on the 17th October in Wyndham Vale, Victoria, Australia. All the details will be announced within the next fortnight.

This first event will have very limited numbers and will only be available on a first come first served basis. But it is set to be a fantastic event with some great expert speakers, and fun activities.

Don’t worry if you are unable to attend the first event or you live elsewhere. There will be many more in Victoria, and I am planning on quickly spreading them out to the rest of Australia, followed soon after by other countries around the world.

What I’d really like to know is what type of event you’d most like to see come to a venue near you?

Please click on the poll below to tell me which types of events you’d be most interested in: