My Special Child

Public Speaking

Rebecca Perkins


Public Speaking is one of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most. Having the opportunity to engage with a room full of people all at once and at the end knowing they got something out of it that will truly benefit their lives.

It is that wonderful moment when members of the audience approach you after a presentation to tell you how much they enjoyed it.

I have done a great deal of public speaking over the years and therefore I am happy speaking to a small handful of people up to an audience of hundreds or even thousands.

I love getting my message across and being able to help people whether it be parents I am helping or carers, teachers or even family members.

If you would like to make an enquiry about my public speaking, or would like to book me for an event please email me at Alternatively you can CLICK HERE.


Rebecca was by far my favourite speaker of the day, as she gave us many things we can take home and try.


It was great to hear from a mother who also has so much knowledge and experience in the field, I really felt like I learnt something useful.


Rebecca was outstanding, she was very informative and gave practical, helpful information for parents.