My Special Child

Family Coaching



As a parent or family member of a child with a special need or learning difficulty, it can be really tough to know what to do for the best.

The most important part of my job is helping parents and family members along their journey.

I can help with everything from how to help reduce your child’s negative symptoms to how to manage from day to day and make family life much happier.

I have helped many families not only improve their relationships within the family, make parent’s time with their children more enjoyable but also with how to help their children improve those symptoms that effect their every day lives.

With the one to one family coaching service, I will work directly with you to help improve your child’s negative symptoms.

I will create a tailor made plan for your family that will help with the things you struggle with most. Whether that be, meltdowns, your child’s anxiety, helping your child’s cognitive function, getting the best out of their school career, sleep issues or helping build their self esteem. Or something else entirely.

I can work with families of children with different special needs from Autism, ADHD, sensory disorders or intellectual disabilities right through to behavioural disorders such as ODD. I also work with families of children who don’t have a disorder of any kind but simply have trouble with a specific thing such as sleep, tantrums, diet or anxiety.

A diagnosis is not necessary and I can help you regardless what stage of the journey you are at, whether your child is still very young and showing signs of something that may be concerning you, up to teenagers and even adults.

I can work with your family on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for as long as you need. Most families will usually have around 3 to 5 sessions. However, there are many families who need more and some families will simply need one session just to cover one small problem area.


There are 3 ways we can carry out your sessions.


  • Via Skype – If you are located outside Victoria, Australia, I will simply conduct your sessions via Skype. This allows me to work with families anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Home visit – If transport is a problem or for whatever reason it is more convenient, I am happy to travel to you for your appointments as long as you live within 80kms of Melbourne ┬ácity centre. (Note – additional charges apply for this service).
  • Office appointment – This standard appointment service allows you to come to your appointments with me at a pre-arranged time.




Charges vary greatly from family to family. This depends on which of the above 3 ways you’d like to carry out your sessions, as well as how many sessions you have. But I really do like to help all families so if you have a specific budget to work to then I will do what I can to work within that budget.

For more information on family coaching please email me at or CLICK HERE to use the ‘contact me’ form.