Heavy metals

What are the effects of heavy metals on ADHD and other learning disabilities?


There are many, many things that can cause and worsen the symptoms of different special needs. But in recent years scientists have been studying the impact of heavy metals in children’s systems. And now believe that increased levels of heavy metals have caused or at least made worse symptoms of numerous different special needs.

They believe that ADHD, Autism and PDD among others can all be effected and caused by increased levels of heavy metals in the system.

Heavy metals poisoning is where there is a build up of heavy metals in your child that, scientists believe can have a dramatic effect on a child’s brain function.


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These heavy metals can come from many different places, both before and after birth. Such as:


  • Mercury in some fish products
  • Lipstick and other make up worn by a mum to be
  • Household paint (although mostly removed from current paint supplies, can still be found in older buildings)
  • Air pollution
  • Mum to be’s dental fillings
  • Some drinking water
  • Household cleaners


Of course it would be impossible to control all these things, and to completely stop the chance of heavy metals getting into your child’s system.

But it is important to be aware of it’s potential.

Scientists now estimate that heavy metals in children’s systems are responsible for causing around 21% of all ADHD.


So what should you do?

The first thing you should do is have your child’s heavy metal levels checked. The doctor can organise this for you if you ask.

Unfortunately, even though poisoning by heavy metals is recognised to have an impact on numerous special needs, it is still not automatically tested for.

Probably because of the massive possibility for repercussions and law suits (cynical I know).

But, if you specifically ask your doctor to arrange for your child to be tested, they should be more than happy to do that for you.


If your child does have high levels of heavy metals in their system, what can you do?

It is completely impossible to keep your child away from getting any heavy metals in their system.

They’re in the air, in things we eat and drink and in many things around us that we touch and come into contact with.

But there are certain things you can do to cut down your child’s intake of heavy metals:


  • Don’t microwave your child’s food
  • Feed your child organic foods where possible
  • Avoid Giving your child tinned tuna and check other fish for mercury levels
  • Check any toys you buy, especially if coming from abroad. And if a toy’s paint starts flaking or peeling then dispose of the toy straight away
  • Do not use Teflon pans which have any scratches in the Teflon
  • Avoid metal fillings for your child, demand porcelain ones


On the internet there are literally hundreds of websites telling you all manner of different therapies and procedures for lowering children’s levels of heavy metals. But, I’d be really careful before trying any of these things. Or at very least get your doctors advice before you do.


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Personally I would just stick to the few things listed above. As there is a great deal of debate over the safety of some of the more dramatic or obscure procedures for removal of heavy metals.

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