About My Special Child

My Special Child was founded by me, Rebecca Perkins, to provide information, strategies and support to parents, carers and educators of children with a special need, learning difficulty or behavioural challenge.
Who is Rebecca Perkins?

And how does she know about special needs?

I’m a single mum to two beautiful boys, Lachlan, aged 11 and Jesse aged 6. Lachlan is the reason I started My Special Child, because he is my special child. Lachlan is wonderful and loving and caring, but life can be difficult for him sometimes because he has ADHD and is Intellectually Disabled. 

Having a child with special needs has taught me alot, but on top of this I have my professional career. I first began teaching children with special needs in 1999. When I worked in a mainstream school in the UK, that believed the best way to ‘deal’ with their children who had additional needs was to put them all in a seperate class from everybody else. This was my class, 12 wonderful children, each with their own set of struggles and challenges. 

Since then I’ve done lots of work, both paid and voluntary within the special needs community and I have qualifications in Psychology, and Sociology which have helped me along the way. I’m also curently doing a doing a Diploma in Autism and ADHD. Oh, and I have a law degree, which isn’t really relevent, but I was told I should put it down anyway.


After having Lachlan in 2005, as the years went past, I became more and more frustrated with the lack of information and supprt out there for parents of children with additional needs. In 2014 I moved from England to Australia, hoping that here there would be more, and there was, but still nowhere near enough.



I set to work building the very first version of the My Special Child website. It wasn’t very good, or pretty. And I spent months try to fill it with articles and information. 

Then slowly I built up more and more readers, and I realised there was more of a need for good quality information and support than I had realised. 


In January 2017 I set to work on My Special Child Conferences, as another way of getting information to parents, carers and educators. 

The conferences are great. They’re so much fun and they’ve had awesome feedback from the people who’ve attended so far. 

My Special Child currently only runs the conferences in Australia, but I am hoping to expand into more of Australia and to other countries as soon as possible. 

At each conference we are lucky enough to get absolutely fantastic speakers and exhibitors and I love getting to meet loads of people and everyone leaves having had a great time, made friends and learnt loads of new information that will help them.

I now plan to grow and expand My Special child to be able to offer as much support and information to people as possible, anywhere in the world, in many different ways. Next year looks to be a fantastic year with more Conferences, and my very first Expo planned for June 2018 in Melbourne, Australia, more online resources and online courses coming very soon.

My vision is to create a world in which every child who is struggling because of a special need, learning difficulty or behavioural challenge, be supported and enabled to reach their fullest potential and achieve their goals and dreams. And I hope that through My Special Child working with parents and educators around the world we will one day achieve that.

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