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About My Special Child

My Name is Rebecca Perkins. This is me with my son Lachlan.

Rebecca Perkins - My Special Child


Lachlan has numerous special needs including, ADHD and an intellectual disability.

As well as my experience as a parent of a child with special needs, I have also done huge amounts of work with special needs and learning difficulties over the years. And have qualifications in child psychology and in working with learning disorders.

my special childI decided to start My Special Child because, like many people, I’m completely fed up with the lack of awareness and support out there for children with special needs and their families. I also want to help create a world where all children are supported and encouraged to achieve their dreams.

Unfortunately, I have found that knowledge and understanding of special needs is nowhere near where it needs to be throughout the world. This misunderstanding not only makes life hard for children but also for parents who just don’t know what to do for the best and are constantly being told conflicting or inaccurate information.

My Special Child provides advice, interesting articles, news and real life stories and information for parents, carers and friends of children with special needs or learning difficulties, which hopefully will help combat some of this misunderstanding and create more awareness.

I really hope you find some useful and interesting information here. If you’d like to ask me anything please email me at or use the Contact me page.

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